Arithmetic vs. Log Scales

I learned something new today. Maybe I should've known this, but I didn't. The more I learn, the more I realize how much information out there is left untouched. So, then, what is necessary for me and apropros?

Throughout my trading, I've been using the arthmetic scale. Especially as of the past year, my trading has changed considerably. I have learned how to manage my risk, become disciplined, trade unemotionally, developed good skill. Have I read every book there is on trading and options? No, but I've read quite a few and not even sure how I missed something so big as this.

This seems like something so very basic. This, in my training education, has never been stressed or even taught. I've probably read about it, but skimmed over it as it probably didn't mean a whole lot to me when I read it. Enough said.

I've been trading well on seeing where pivots are quite well with the stocks I trade as well as the ones others have me look at, so the question I have is, why would I want to switch to trading on a log scale from my arithmetic scale? As with anything that is new to me, I'll papertrade this and see how this goes. Maybe I can combine the best of both worlds to better help me improve in my trading. Why not?

What are some of the stocks I trade (well, I only trade the options of the stocks, not the stocks themselves): GOOG, CME, LEH, AAPL, BIDU, MA, RIMM, ICE, RIG, CMI. My list is not extensive like Tim's or some others. More than enough money can be just made on these 10 stocks alone. Last year, I was up to 50 stocks that I tracked and traded up to 30 stocks, but I had no life and got really burned out. This group of 10 stocks works well for me. Sometimes I'll throw in some other stocks and take a couple of these off. Ten is a really good number for me.

Since I know these 10 stocks well, I'll create another template in my charting program that looks at all these on a log scale and see if I can better trade these using that scale as opposed to my arithmetic scale. Let that be the determining factor. In the meantime, if there is some special way to draw trendlines other than the things I've already learned, someone clue me in. I won't provide charts on all these stocks in log, but on some of them I will and see if this looks alright.
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